Say What?

Saturday, May 12, 2012


As the title states im pissed....I joined we are who we are thinking that it was going to be very fun. Soon to find out the host is very rude. I asked simple questions 1.) If I could use text on my assignments because it was not posted in the rules and 2.) When scores would be out. Both times I received very rude comments/answers in return. I ended up dropping out and deleting my pictures. Simple right? NOPE. Everyone was really apologetic at first and I accept that but when people started saying I was rude for clearly pointing out the obvious and leaving. A comment was made saying people should watch how they word stuff before they post it (whichs makes sense because you can't tell emotion via internet) I agreed that yes maybe I was being rude but I was also being treated like I was stupid and that yes maybe people should check what they write. Thats when everyone got pissed and started blaming me. HEY PEOPLE!!!! Look I don't care if you think Im a bitch or a "dropper" or whatever BUT I refuse....REFUSE to be treated like Im stupid....

Now that ends my rant....On the bright side we got scores for fairytale modeling and I got a 46/50. I got points marked down on my background because it seemed a little bland, which I totally agree on. Once it was pointed out I went hmmm thats true so yea my day has been a roller coaster...Fingers crossed tomorrow is better!

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