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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Broken Nose and an Update

Hey guys, so yesterday I was playing softball and I managed to take a pitch to the face, which in turn ended up breaking my nose. I was in alot of pain yesterday and the whole right side of my face including my eye was swollen. Luckily today im feeling way better but not im starting to bruise :/

On a competition note, we got scores for assignment 2 on High Street Hotties and I got 3rd place, which is a minor set back but it was still a 28/30. Assignment 3 went up also and we had to take a picture with a male model any style. I did mine as the opposite of my model, a dark gothic shot with my super hot new guy Draegen. XD
Willow would like to think of herself being seen as a sweet and happy young woman, but she was completely shocked when the agency called her to a photo-shoot that could be considered "a dark vampire shoot". Willow took the opportunity, rocked the dark gothic look, and even got to pose with a super hot male model named Draegen. 

Also FAB's assignment 3 went up today and we had to do a headshot of our model wearing ONE jewelry item and advertise for it. Everything had to be black and gray (like makeup) and you could only use one other color and I chose teal. Im extremely happy with my outcome!

And my finaly topic isssss *insert drumroll here* DANCING DEAD MODELING COMPETITION!!!
You guys may or may not remember but Kiana (emogirl95) had a modeling competition last summer which I helped judge, called Dancing Dead and we decided to bring it back for the summer!

 Entries will be open this Friday, June 1st!!! Hope to see you people there! (:

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