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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Competition Stuff

Hey people xP so I've decided to start modeling on the forums xD. I had joined two or three comps way back but they were all cancelled. But here I am! Im modeling currently in three comps so I'll show you guys my models/ which comps im in/ this weeks assignment! (:

First: We are who we are. Its all about finding your true self and inner beauty! We had to do a small explination of what got our sims to dislike themselves also soooo here is Tait Manning.
 Every child has expectations from their parents, but Tait's were always over-kill. Tait Manning grew up with the perfect older sister and when High School came, Tait's parents expected her to be just like her sister. She did everything her sister did, leading young Tait to not have her own life. Tait believed that her parents didn't appreciate that she was her own person and that she was never smart enough or pretty enough to be the daughter they always wanted. After all the negativity from her parents, Tait became almost robot-like she spoke, dressed, studied, and even ate like her sister. Down under all of her fake-ness Tait knew she was miserable but she didn't have the courage to open her mouth.
But now that Tait's an adult she wishes to find her true colors and discover who she really is.

This week we had to pick a trait that our model has, and do a picture and description of how she got it, I did Hopeless Romantic.
Unlike her sister, Tait has a trait that nobody knows of: she's an insane hopeless romantic. It all started in the 10th grade...
Tait was walking into her AP English class and that's when she saw him: Erik Blake, the hot new exchange student.
That day in English they were reciting lines from Romeo & Juliet. Erik was asked to come up to the front and read any line that proved meaning to him. He got up and recited:
"Did my heart love till now? For swear it sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night. "
As he spoke, he stared directly into her eyes, and she melted. 

Second: FAB (Fashion and Beauty Advertising) As you can guess its about clothes and makeup. So this is Spencer Heart xD

 This week we had to do a makeup advertisement revolving around candy. Honestly I struggled with this a bit I was so indecisive about what to do but it eventually all worked out!

And Third: Fairytale Modeling. Each week we'll be given a fairytale and each of us have to take a picture of the same story now we can each add our own personal twist. So here's my model Hadley Starz.
And this week's story was Alice in Wonderland....I LOVE MY PICTURE!!! Just saying xP I have two one with text and one without xP

Let's just say, Alice never escaped the Red Queens grasp....

Anyways I'll keep you guys updated on how I'm doing and don't worry I'll still make sims!

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