Say What?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All About Dedication Dude!

Sooo today I got a crap ton done (: hehe that rhymed....anyways...I filmed, put together, edited, and uploaded all of Episode 3 today... Seriously I started filming at around 9 this morning and I worked all stinkin day xD Im dedicated to my 10 subscribers (: and Kiana lol....So enjoy this episode, its not as long as the last one but it is a lot of talking thats important-ish and it also sets up a few sub-plots for later on! Sooo ENJOY!


EEEEJJJ....Nellie looks pissed and beat up...hmmm I wonder what happened....0.o

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Say What: Room Tour!

So I finally finished Shay's and Nellie's rooms xP it only took me 3 weeks to gather all the cc and slowly put it all together so I thought I'd share my masterpieces!

First up is Shay's room... Now I'm not 100% done, I need to finish her desk area and find some posters

And now Nellie's room...I really like her room and I feel it fits her personality a lot! Now please ignore the random brown line in the first picture xD

I'll probably do the boys' rooms later on and show you guys xP

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preview of a New Sim o.O

So I have a bit of news I FINALLY HIT 10,000 blog views thank you guys xP laptop was down for a few days and my dad came to the conclusion that my battery was fried so I got a new one yesterday and now its all good xP Uhhhh I am now the replacement judge for Ninjahawk's competition and I really liked the sim I made for my judge's card so Im going to finish her and upload her this weekend most likely xP


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Im not dead okay?

Hey people, I know its like I just died and fell off the face of the planet but I didn't I've just been busy.....FILMING EPISODE 2 OF SAY WHAT....xD

So watch it here:

Now enjoy this picture of a mystery guy and Nellie...

I might be uploading a character or two from this series because I just have no inspiration for making a new inspiration is here at the moment xP 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

100th Post (:

So as the title states this is my 100th blog post (: yea that's alot xD anyways I've been working on episode 1 of Say What since Monday nonstop...xP I like how it came out a lot sooooo
Now enjoy this really cute picture of Shay and Kasey (:

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mini- Preview!

So I got a lot done today xD Im feeling accomplished! I subbed in as a judge for Ninjahawk's competition, and did the scores for that, then I did an assignment for Aura, which came out amazing if I do say so myself ;P then! I started filming Ep.1 of Say What (: Im just under 2 minutes into it and I plan it to at least be 5 or 6 minutes, buuuut I haven't even finished writing it xD Since Im nice I'll give you guys a preview of it

That's Shay and Nellie xD Nellie doesn't look very happy hmmmmm lol....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tweet Tweet!!!

Soooo I decided to make a Twitter just for sims xD I'll do updates on my creations, my video series, competitions Im in, and other junk!  Follow me @XO_Fannie