Say What?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Scene Twins (:

Okay im a little late buuuut here are my new twins which everybody loves so far (: yay KrazeeKatee and KaceeKupcakee (:
 this is actually a couples pose but I felt it felt (:
 this is KaceeKupcakee
 and this is KrazeeKatee

 from super scene to super sophisticated
 pj party anyone? lol

as you can tell Katee is more edgy and bold while her sister Kacee is more careless and fun both equally unique and entertaining aha enjoy! :D


  1. Thank you (: they were alot of fun to make!

  2. I actually own the tshirt that KrazeeKatee is wearing :)

  3. lole nice (: I love that shirt

  4. Where did you get the hair KrazeeKatee has? It's flipping AMAZING! I've looked all over, but I can't seem to find it.

  5. well I got it off of thesimsresourse from IN3S but shes removed all of her creations from there and has started a blog shes on my follow list so you can check her out there she was working on a third version of that hair so hopefully its out soon!

  6. Alright, thanks! I'll go have a looksie :3