Say What?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gabrielle Goodwish

My newest sim creation! This is Gabrielle Goodwish just a simple scene girl (: Enjoy!
 I think shes my prettiest yet! (:
 Gosh I've been using these shoes soooo much!

 Shes gotta get money some-how (;

 Diamond Candy eyes by Lemonleaf....i looooove em!

Gabrielle is a simple girl in a horrible neighborhood she may look sweet on the outside but shes anything but on the inside. Gabys rough tough and will do just about anything for her family, except face clowns....


  1. She's beautiful! I love her! Her eyes are so pretty, you've done a great job with this sim! :) xx

  2. She's extremely pretty. She's a real cutie.

  3. thank you shes one of my favorites (: