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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holy Crap I'm Forgetful.....

I'm soooooo sorry guys! I ended up having eye problems yesterday and didn't have time to do the profiles for my XO Skeletons group so here you guys go!
Rita Redcross- Rita is the jokester of the group, it didn't take long before River  fell madly in love with her....could they last forever?
Jannel JellyBean- Jannel is the so called "heart" of the group, she's quite and shy, but can never stay with one guy for too this bad news fir new guy Ricki?
River Lakes- River could never stay in one place for too longer whether he wanted to or not. With his dad and only parent being a Marine, River was constantly moving around. That is....until he met Syd and Rita. Syd brought out the "awesomeness" and Rita brought out the love....two emotions River never thought he'd ever feel again.....but will it last?
Ricki Jaws- No group is complete without the new kid! The second Ricki laid eyes on Jannel he knew he had to get close to her. But what he didn't know is that he would end up being in a group with amazing friends....but what does Jannel think?
Syd Skinner- Lets just say XO Skeletons wouldn't exist without Syd. Best friend to River and older brother to Jannel. Syd can never keep a steady girlfriend....maybe its because he plans to one day rule the world with evil? Nah not that.....

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