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Monday, August 1, 2011

Raver Girl (:

Im SOOOOO proud of myself (: I went out of my usual emo-scene style and pulled out two decent sims (: here is my very first raver: Kandi Luv aka Kandi Martini (like the drink haha)

 haha I must say sim looks faaaaaat lol

Kandi Luv works as Kandi Martini at the local dance club D.J.-ing, mixing drinks, and partying all night. She got her nickname "Kandi Martini" from her own creation The Pink Bubblegum Martini. She loves living life in the fast lane but will she ever slow down enough for that special person to catch up?......Not likely...(:

BTW this sim was inspired by her eyeshadow xD


  1. Ahh, I just now found your blog! How did I not find it before? Anyway, I love her, she looks so unique. :) Thanks a lot.

  2. @IN3S thank you it means a lot! and I loooove all your piercings!
    @Acornicus haha thank you soooo much! (:

  3. Oh I forget to ask for a custom content list for her. I found her download on the sims 3 site, but I don't want her to look terrible with no custom content. Thanks. ;D

  4. oh boy.......haha any items in particular?

  5. Nope,I want all of it. <3 Too much? :)

  6. I just dunno where alot of her cc is from I got alot of it from just downloading sims off the exchange xD Im pretty sure all of it should be transferable except the spiked necklace and tattoos