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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Moi!

Hmm have you ever what ths xo skeletons chick looks like? Is she really as nuts as she seems? Who is Fannie? Well im here to answer all your questions!
Lets start with a simple picture I recently just took the pink out of my hair and darkened today recent (: lol
Hey there im Heather Stephanie Bond but everyone calls me Fannie (:
My favorite color is either hot pink or lime green!
Im super obsessed with bracelets! I have soooo many! and Hello Kitty is amazing!
I loooooooove shoes....preferably converse! I have every color of the rainbow plus black/white and white knee highs!
My favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland (the one by Tim Burton) and my favorite band is Get Scared.
I have never seen snow or a beach which is hard to believe seeing as I live in California.
You probably wouldn't guess this in a million years but I can't sleep without my sockmonkey lol
I have about 6 bookshelves filled with books I've read over the years
I have two sisters, a full sister and a half sister. My full sister is named Amber and she is getting married in a year! (: Im her Maid of Honor and my half sister is named Stacey but we don't talk much

Ummmmmm my favorite place to be is either in my room with music blasting or out at the ranch with my two horses (:
I have the bestest pets ever! I have four dogies! Theres Mooch the one on the far left. Cookie the one laying down. Zoe the fluffy one and Honey the tiny one aha.
I love alot of things! Like photography (: Its my passion! This last April my mom, dad and myself went up to Redding to see my grandparents and we went to Turtle Bay (: Gosh it was gooooorgeous!

And when I growup I want to be a pastry chef and own my own cupcake shop! (:
Hopefully this helped explained ME a little bit and to answer the questions at the beginning of this post...
Yepp I really just am freakin' crazzzzzzzzzy (:
And I just told you pssssssssh lol

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