Say What?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Im Back.....Well Kind of xD

Well I've got some information for yoooouuuu! So my laptop is done, dead, bit the dust.....Just kidding but it won't turn on, like I've replaced the battery and the cable that plugs into the wall but it still won't turn on. Luckily my dad brought me home a laptop from his work that I can use buuuuuut I CAN"T FIND MY BASE GAME......RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGEEEEEE so if my old laptop isn't okay I just lost all of my cc my SAY WHAT characters, my personal photos, and my movie maker im just a bundle of joy at the moment! P.s. that last line was complete b.s. and sarcasm....if you didn't understand you've failed as a human being... P.s.s. that was really mean im sorry people....but come on is sarcasm really that difficult P.s.s.s. im just kidding gosh don't be so serious! P.s.s.s.s. I want pudding...

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