Say What?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Say What?

Hey guys, so im again on my sims 3 series rampage...but Im going to actually stick with it this time! I made a short little promo for you guys to watch! I probably won't have episode 1 out for at least 2 weeks because im still in modeling competitions but they're finishing up for the most part xD
So PLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEE watch my series <3 I will love you guys forever!
 So this is Hershey ( Shay) my main character!
 This is Nellie, Shay's best friend
 This is Bloo, the quite emo dude who likes cats
 This is Kasey, the hot army wannabe...and my favorite <3
And Marco, the tractor-riding baseball player xP

So please guys watch my series, I would appreciate it alot!

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