Say What?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

O.o oh my gosh....

So I was skiming through my studio on my sims page (yes i still go on about once a month) and I noticed a bunch of my sims now have a 1000 downloads or more so I just want to share them with you guys (:

First is:
Chrissy Chaos- 1731 downloads & 46 Reccomendations (:

Second is:
Cute emo couple (containing Chrissy Chaos and Aaron Anarchy)- 1000 Downloads & 9 Reccomendations (lol)

And lastly is:
Meggy Massacre- 1049 Downloads & 44 Reccomendations

so yeah I found this pretty cool and im thinking of going back and putting some of my better sims up for download on mediafire...go ahead and ponder at that (: